Om veilig en efficiënt met torque-gereedschappen te kunnen werken is het een must een goede training en instructie te hebben gehad. Niet alleen voor mensen die er nog nooit eerder mee hebben gewerkt, maar ook ervaren mensen kunnen we vaak nog wat bijbrengen.

HYTORC Bolting Institute

HYTORC Bolting Institute

Traning and safety instruction

It is important to receive good training and instructions in order to work properly and safely with hydraulic tools. This is not intended only for people who had never worked with hydraulics before, but also for experienced people who can often learn even more.

Instruction at your premises

For this reason, Hytorc provides the option to provide your staff with additional training on your premises on how to work safely with hydraulic torque wrenches. A toolbox meeting is ideal for refreshing everyone’s knowledge of operation within an hour.

Do you want to increase safety?

Seize the opportunity and invite us for a toolbox meeting. You can rest assured that your people will be able to work more safely with hydraulic torque wrenches. This could also lead to a reduction in repair costs resulting from improper use of your tools. Correct use of the tools also extends the life of your tools considerably.

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