Electric driven pump units

Hydraulic pump units are an essential part of a complete functioning system. HYTORC managed to build a technological lead during the development of pump units with this point of view. Our pumps are therefore specifically designed for optimal use with hydraulic torque wrenches. As a result, our pumps are among the lightest on the market, yet they provide the highest yield/weight ratio. In short, always portable and easily deployable anywhere.

The rotation speed of the wrench depends on the output of the pump. Our pumps are therefore fitted with a three-stage system unlike most standard pumps available in the market, which have two-stage systems. This results in a torque-speed that is 3 times higher.

Our electric pump series is very silent. The latest types ‘produce’ less than 69 dB(A). The pumps are as standard available in 115 V, 230 V and 400 V.

Optionally, we can provide your pumps with: a wireless remote control, lifting frames, automatic functioning, documentation system of bolting parameters, angular rotation and EX-Proof qualification.

Functioning of the automatic pump unit

This video shows how a fully automatic pump functions.

diagram 3 stage pump

3 stage system

Hytorc pumps feature a 3-stage system, while standard pumps available in the market often only have a 2-stage system. This means that over a large part of the work area (100 to 300 bar) the speed of your tool is 3 times higher. Pump wear is also significantly limited as overflow is reduced.

Documentation system

The DOC-pump units are fitted with a processor that stores relevant parameters during operation, such as: operator name, time/date, number of bolts, bolt torque, numbers of tacts, status OK/NOT OK. This allows for providing clients with written evidence, in combination with calibrated wrenches.


Technical data

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