Multi-tool concept with the LoadDISC

Closing high pressure gas pipes the first time right, with help of the HYTORC multi-tool concept.

Brand/type of installation: high pressure gas pipe- 28 studbolts B7  2-1/2”.

Application: flange connection that needed to be closed accurately, to ensure a durable and leak-free connection.

HYTORC Tooling: four Avanti-10 tools with Loaddisc drive, according to the multi-tool concept.

Old method: tensioners

Problem: weight and handling of tensioners in combination with disappointing accuracy of the tools. There was too much scatter regarding the bolt load.

Benefits of new situation: Moving heavy tensioning equipment is no longer neccessary. The Avanti-tools ensure hands free bolting, so the operator can stay away from the high-pressure system. By changing from tensioning to torquing, bolt loads were way more accurate and with less scatter. Last but not least: bolting time was reduced by 50%.

Multi-tool concept

With just one press on the button, our Bolting Specialist operates four Avanti-10 tools simultaneously. The LoadDisc prevents the counternut from turning.  

Flange with LoadDiscs

Final Result: this flange is tightened accurately, in half the standard bolting time and with less scatter in bolt load, thanks to the HYTORC multi-tool concept.