HYTORC Nut replacing Cap Nut

The HYTORC NUT is the only pre-calibrated system in the world. Say farewell to unwanted variables and create a bolt load accuracy of 95%.

Application: heat exchangers, turbines.

HYTORC Tooling: HYTORC NUT + AVANTI & Custom made curved reaction fixture+ AVANTI.

Old assembly method: Standard ratchet links.

Problem in old situation: Galling prevented the cap nuts from coming loose. The combination of cap nuts, very high side load (50.000Nm torque) and fine thread made traditional torquing methods impossible.

Benefits: Torsion free tensionin without galling. The HYTORC NUT is the only pre-calibrated nut in the world, 95% accurate. Unwanted variables are eliminated, which increases accuracy drastically. Because the HYTORC nut is a 100% tensioning nut, galling belongs to the past and nuts can be easily removed during maintenance.

Banana shaped reaction fixture with Avanti-80

Capnuts are used because of their compact size and small width across flats. Spacers are used to create a beneficial length-diameter ratio. However, applying cap nuts does have disadvantages like galling.

Side load in combination with Cap Nuts

The extra height created by cap nuts and spacers, increase bending forces while tightening. The risk of galling increases, bolt load will be less accurate and there is a higher chance of damaging your tool.



The solution is the HYTORC Nut: No torsion and side load, means no more bolt damage. Another solution is using one of our special HYTORC reaction fixtures.