Electrically driven tensioning pump (1,500 bar)

HYTORC offers a wide range of tension pumps. One of the popular models is the Hy T15. The Hy T15 series tensioning pumps are state-of-the-art pumps specially designed for tensioning work. With its relatively small size and weight it is lighter than most tension pumps on the market. It has advanced options such as digital pressure indication in the handle and an automatic oil pressure correction system. The display on the remote control gives the operator an accurate picture of the current oil pressure at all times. The automatic oil pressure correction function corrects pressure loss by setting the application when a difference of 30 bar is measured with respect to the set value.


  • Working pressure: 1,500 bar
  • Best performance-to-weight ratio in the market
  • Digital pressure indication in the remote control
  • Automatic oil pressure correction system (activated in the event of pressure loss due to settlements)