HYTORC jGun Single Speed

jGun Single Speed – Pneumatic torque wrench

Multifunctional pneumatic torque wrench for accurate assembly work

With the development of the jGUN models, Hytorc introduced a new milestone to the market for pneumatic bolting tools. The requirement for versatility was paramount. The generic spline teeth allow you to choose from a wide range of standard safety reaction arms. You can even work entirely without a reaction arm in combination with the HYTORC WASHER or HYTORC NUT. This increases safety, speed and accuracy. The pre-tension force can be built up continuously and stroke free. Our jGUN torque wrench models are head and shoulders above impact wrenches.

Bolt force to within 5% accuracy

In contrast to impact wrenches where the bolt or nut is beaten in place by an anvil, the jGUN functions as a precision torque/tension tool. The jGUN makes use of a precision drive which provides a constant, calibrated force and is capable of fastening the bolt to the required pretensioning force. Again and again.

Versatility: suitable for any situation

With its generic spline teeth and drive square the jGUN allows for a wide range of (safety) reaction arms and nut drives to be fitted. You can even operate entirely without a reaction arm in combination with the HYTORC Washer or HYTORC NUT. This improves safety, speed and accuracy. You can easily convert your jGUN into a ratchet link in combination with our offset link, which provides you with optimum freedom!

Use as a ratchet link

The universal spline teeth make the jGUN models suitable for use with the Offset Link. This allows you to turn your jGUN instantly into a ratchet link which is suitable for situations where space above the nut is limited, or for situations with piercing thread ends.

jGun – Pneumatische momentsleutel

Lightweight, durable and powerful

The jGUN is suitable for any job, with the highest power-to-weight ratio of any comparable product in the market. The jGUN is made from durable aluminium alloys, which means that it is light, but extremely strong. The gearbox and drive shaft are made from the highest quality materials to guarantee a long lifespan.

Optional extra: safety paddle

With the optional safety lever the risk of finger entrapment is drastically reduced. The lever must be pressed simultaneously with the trigger to ensure that the operator does not have his/her hands in the vicinity of the reaction arm.

Easy switching between loosening and tightening

Easy switching between loose and tight

Switching from loosening to tightening and vice versa is very easy to do: simply switch the shift lever. The lever is designed for easy operation, even while wearing safety gloves.

Whisper quiet ...

By default the noise level of the jGUN is already lower than similar models in the market, but the jGUN is expandable with an optional silencer. This allows for a silencer directly on the jGUN, but it is even more silent to work with a return hose. The outgoing air flow is then directed back to the air supply unit, where sound is reduced by about 75% through a large filter.


Technical data

ModelHeight (H)Width (W)Length (L)Diameter (D)DriveWeightTorque Range
jGun .25179 mm69 mm182 mm64 mm¾"3,27 kg65 - 351 Nm
jGun .5186 mm70 mm205 mm66 mm¾"3,27 kg175 - 689 Nm
jGun 1186 mm70 mm224 mm66 mm¾"4,54 kg373 - 1.525 Nm
jGun 2202 mm90 mm266 mm83 mm1"6,58 kg706 - 2.969 Nm
jGun 3202 mm90 mm282 mm83 mm1"7,14 kg1.155 - 4.208 Nm
jGun 5204 mm105 mm311 mm105 mm1 ½"9,07 kg1.559 - 7.140 Nm
jGun 8215 mm107 mm330 mm116 mm1 ½" - 2 ½"12,02 kg2.363 - 10.744 Nm
ModelHeight (H)Width (W)Length (L)Diameter (D)DriveWeightTorque Range
jGun .257.06"2.72"7.15"2.50"¾"7.21 lb48 - 259 ft-lbs
jGun .57.32"2.74"8.07"2.58"¾"7.21 lb129 - 508 ft-lbs
jGun 17.32"2.74"8.82"2.58"¾"10.01 lb275 - 1,125 ft-lbs
jGun 27.94"3.53"10.46"3.25"1"14.51 lb521 - 2,190 ft-lbs
jGun 37.94"3.53"11.11"3.25"1"15.74 lb852 - 3,104 ft-lbs
jGun 58.03"4.15"12.24"4.15"1 ½"20.00 lb1,150 - 5,266 ft-lbs
jGun 88.46"4.23"13.00"4.56"1 ½" - 2 ½"26.50 lb1,743 - 7,924 ft-lbs

User manuals

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