HYTORC Dual Speed

jGun Dual Speed – Pneumatic torque wrench

For fast run down and powerful torque capability, the Dual Speed jGun Series is the industry’s most reliable choice.

HYTORC introduces jGun Dual Speed, the fast pneumatic torque wrench with two gears: In run-down mode nuts or bolts are tightened right up to the surface at high speed. In torque mode the nut or bolt is fastened to the required torque with high precision. High torque is also achieved in this mode to ‘break out’ stuck bolts. The jGun Dual Speed has all of the advantages of the jGun Single Speed, topped off with twin-torque system. Speed, power and precision in one wrench.

Is speed important to you? Then also have a look at our jGun Nutrunner, which has an extra-large air motor, which makes it our fastest air-powered wrench.

Twin torque: Run-down mode & Torque mode

The jGUN DUAL SPEED PLUS provides the best of both worlds: the speed of an impact wrench, but without the high noise levels, vibration and variation in bolt force. The ‘twin-torque’ system has a first phase (rundown mode) for quick turning of the nut to the surface. The second phase (torque mode) is used to tighten all the nuts to the correct torque. Because the jGUN does not use the common ‘anvil’ to fix nuts in place, noise and vibration levels are significantly lower.

jGun Dual Speed torque vs rundown

5% accuracy in torque-repeatability

In contrast to impact wrenches where the bolt or nut is beaten in place by an anvil, the jGUN functions as a precision torque/tension tool. The jGUN makes use of a precision drive which provides a constant, calibrated force and is capable of fastening the bolt to the required pretensioning force, time and again.

Use as a ratchet link

With its generic spline teeth and drive square the jGUN allows for a wide range of (safety) reaction arms and universal drives to be fitted. You can even operate entirely without a reaction arm in combination with the HYTORC Washer or HYTORC NUT. This improves safety, speed and accuracy. You can easily convert your jGUN into a ratchet link in combination with our offset link, which provides you with optimum freedom!

Easy switching between loosening and tightening

Switching from loosening to tightening and vice versa is very easy to do: simply switch the shift lever. The lever is designed for easy operation, even while wearing gloves.


Technical data

ModelHeight (H)Width (W)Length (L)Diameter (D)DriveWeightTorque Range
jGun Dual Speed .5188 mm66 mm254.76 mm65.53 mm¾"4,10 kg263 - 681 Nm
jGun Dual Speed 1188 mm66 mm273.30 mm65.53 mm¾"4,40 kg423 - 1.725 Nm
jGun Dual Speed 2214 mm-317.75 mm82.55 mm1"6,80 kg705 - 2.765 Nm
jGun Dual Speed 3191 mm83 mm316.99 mm82.55 mm1"5,44 kg1.125 - 4.165 Nm
jGun Dual Speed 5214 mm105 mm372.11 mm105.41 mm1 ½"10,21 kg1.647 - 6.789 Nm
jGun Dual Speed 8215 mm116 mm390.65 mm115.82 mm1 ½"13,04 kg2.819 - 11.229 Nm
ModelHeight (H)Width (W)Length (L)Diameter (D)DriveWeightTorque Range
jGun Dual Speed .57.40"2.58"10.03"2.58"¾"9.04 lb194 - 502 ft-lbs
jGun Dual Speed 17.40"2.58"10.76"2.58"¾"9.70 lb312 - 1,272 ft-lbs
jGun Dual Speed 28.42"-12.51"3.25"1"14.99 lb520 - 2,039 ft-lbs
jGun Dual Speed 37.50"3.25"12.48"3.25"1"11.99 lb830 - 3,072 ft-lbs
jGun Dual Speed 58.42"4.15"14.65"4.15"1 ½"22.51 lb1,215 - 5,007 ft-lbs
jGun Dual Speed 88.46"4.56"15.38"4.56"1 ½"28.75 lb2,079 - 8,282 ft-lbs

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