HYTORC Digital jGun

Digital jGun – Pneumatic torque wrench

The new HYTORC Digital jGun is the world’s first torque-adjustable pneumatic multiplier with a digital readout and FRL-free operation. Unlike other systems that require a separate filter, regulator and lubrication system between the air line and the tool, the patented design of the digital jGUN eliminates the need for this add-on for the highest level of portability and convenience. Of course the digital jGUN series is compatible with a wide variety of reaction arms, as well as the HYTORC Washer System.

Digital readout

The digital jGun is the world’s first industrial torque multiplier with a digital readout for instant confirmation of selected torque. No more pressure-to-torque conversions or calculations. Select between ft-lbs and Nm.

jGun Digital interface

Industrial grade motor

The new motor featured in the Digital jGun is a workhorse designed for heavy industrial use. With maximum power to weight and a rugged corrosion resistant design, this motor eliminates the need for separate air filters and lubrication systems making the Digital jGun the most portable air powered torque gun on the market.


Technical data

Model Hoogte (H) Breedte (W) Lengte (L) Radius (R) Drive Gewicht Torque range
Digital jGun .25192 mm79.25 mm176.53 mm32 mm¾"3,27 kg68 - 339 Nm
Digital jGun .5192 mm79.25 mm203.96 mm33 mm¾"3,27 kg183 - 678 Nm
Digital jGun 1192 mm79.25 mm223.27 mm33 mm¾"4,54 kg407 - 1.592 Nm
Digital jGun 2205 mm82.04 mm274.07 mm42 mm1"6,58 kg732 - 2.832 Nm
Digital jGun 3205 mm82.04 mm291.08 mm42 mm1"7,14 kg1.160 - 4.309 Nm
Digital jGun 5205 mm82.04 mm311.40 mm53 mm1 ½"9,07 kg1.558 - 8.843 Nm
Digital jGun 8205 mm82.04 mm342.65 mm58 mm1 ½"12,02 kg2.473 - 10.705 Nm
ModelHoogte(H)Breedte (W)Lengte (L)Radius (R)DriveGewichtTorque range
Digital jGun .257.55"3.12"6.95"1.25"¾"7.21 lb50 - 250 ft-lbs
Digital jGun .57.55"3.12"8.03"1.29"¾"7.21 lb135 - 500 ft-lbs
Digital jGun 17.55"3.12"8.79"1.29"¾"10.01 lb300 - 1,175 ft-lbs
Digital jGun 28.09"3.23"10.79"1.63"1"14.51 lb540 - 2,090 ft-lbs
Digital jGun 38.09"3.23"11.46"1.63"1"15.74 lb856 - 3,180 ft-lbs
Digital jGun 58.09"3.23"12.26"2.08"1 ½"20.00 lb1,150 - 5,050 ft-lbs
Digital jGun 88.09"3.23"13.49"2.28"1 ½"26.50 lb1,825 - 7,900 ft-lbs

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