Bolt connections in the steel industry are often part of rolling mills and transport systems that are locally exposed to high temperatures, vibrations and shock loads. Bolt connections are put to the test, as a result, both during daily production as well as during the maintenance process.

Working conditions are characterised by low light, dust and grit, and high noise levels. Furthermore, bolts are often located in places that are hard to reach, which makes it difficult to fasten or loosen them. This also brings potential dangers with it:

  • The coefficient of friction of bolts and nuts
  • The risk of falling tools
  • Communication while working

Hytorc has solutions available for these issues to make bolt connections reliable during production and to accelerate and improve the maintenance process. Hytorc LoadDISC, for instance, has already proven to be successful in various applications in the steel industry, as has Hytorc Nut on foundation bolts.

Hytorc also provides software for documenting the entire torque process. This allows for easy collection of supporting evidence for (mandatory) periodic monitoring. Our software also prevents you from over-stretching and damaging your bolts, which comes in handy with varying bolt quality.