Civil Engineering

There are various application areas when it comes to the world of civil engineering. The bolt connections bear heavy stress, which means that accurate bolt load with little distribution is desired. The strongest connection is obtained when all bolts are fixed to the same force.

This usually involves bolting that does not have to be loosened again, which means that they must be able to maintain tension. It is also important for the bolt connections to maintain accuracy over extended periods of time.

Hytorc has reliable and proven solutions available for almost all applications in the civil engineering industry. In addition to our extensive range of torque and tensioning tools for these applications, Hytorc also has an engineering department that is increasingly being involved early in the design. This means that placement of the bolt connections is taken into account early in the design phase. The result is an accurate and stable bolt connection.

Hytorc also provides software for documenting the entire torque process. This allows for easy collection of supporting evidence for (mandatory) periodic monitoring. Our software also prevents your from overtightening and damaging your bolts, which comes in handy with varying bolt quality.

Finally, if required we can fit a BoltSafe in the construction, which is an electrical measuring ring placed under the nut that measures the tension of the bolt. This allows for easy checking whether the required bolt force is present in the bolt, both during installation and during subsequent inspections.