Tentec WTB-series tensioner

WTB series – Wind Turbine Blade style tensioners

The WTB series has been specially developed for the wind industry. The demand is often for high preload forces in combination with little radial space. The WTB series is equipped with two pistons placed on top of each other, which means that it achieves high preload forces while its diameter is very small. Due to its many advantages, however, it is also widely used in other industries. The WTB series operates at a maximum pressure of 1,350 bar.


  • Auto tensioner reset: The WTB series is equipped with a spring system as standard, which automatically returns the piston to its initial position after the oil pressure is released. Manually turning back is therefore a thing of the past and saves a lot of time.
  • High life puller system + Fail safe: The puller is made of high quality material so control only needs to take place at 10,000 cycles. With many brands, direct replacement at 5000 cycles is the standard.
  • Swivel hose connection: The WTB series is standard equipped with a swivel hose connection so that the hose always runs optimally. As safe as working with 1350bar.
  • Nut run-down mechanism: a simple gear system allows the nut to be easily turned down after pre-tensioning by means of a gearbox + torque wrench on the outside of the tensioner. This ensures consistency of the result.
  • Optional: a cycle counter can be provided as an option.
Tensioner Automatic Reset