HYTORC Lithium Series II

Lithium Series II – Electric torque wrench

The LITHIUM SERIES II Electric Torque Tool is the next revolution in bolting technology redesigned from the ground up with expanded functionality, greater durability, and intuitive usability. This lightweight 36 Volt battery powered tool, with capacity up to 5000 ft-lbs, is the ultimate solution for strength and portability in industrial bolting jobs worldwide. This tool is compatible with conventional sockets, the HYTORC Washer, and the HYTORC Nut.

The most important improvements:

  • TorcSense ™ monitors and monitors the applied torque
  • Angle rotation function
  • Adjustable on number of revolutions (for eg valves)
  • Snug function for extra fast tightening and loosening
  • Built-in lighting to improve visibility and safety
  • Improved interface
  • Aluminum housing, nickel-plated gearbox, protected display
  • Side handle for stability and safety

Expanded functionality

The LITHIUM SERIES II Tool incorporates TorcSense™ Technology which directly measures torque providing more repeatable results. Now available in a 5000 ft-lbs configuration expanding the operational capability of this tool. With all new features such as the sliding directional switch, snug function, user access levels, advanced bolting, and more further extends the versatility of the tool.


Greater durability

The nickel plated all-aluminum housing greatly improves corrosion resistance and overall durability. The all new 36V brushless motor has more than 5 times longer life than its predecessor. Gearboxes are redesigned for 20% greater strength and reliability. The integrated rear cover shock guard absorbs impact protecting the display and buttons. Hall Effect trigger and directional switches increases dependability.

Intuitive to use

The user interface and menu structure have been redesigned based on customer feedback. Simplicity and user-friendliness have been central to this. The Lithium series has also been equipped with a high-resolution display. The settings menu offers finer control over user preferences. Extended job data management provides flexibility in verifying work performed. The Lithium Series II is equipped with Bluetooth as standard. This wireless technology makes it easier than ever to read registered bolting data and perform and firmware upgrades. The work light and side handle further increase safety and productivity.


HYTORC Connect

The HYTORC Connect App enables wireless data exchange between the Lithium Series II Electric Torque Tool and a Windows® PC using Bluetooth® Wireless Technology. The App provides vastly simplified connection to the tool and a means to enter bolting parameters on the PC and transfer them to the tool to speed the setup of bolting operations. The App manages all detailed bolting results on the PC where the documentation can be organized, reviewed and saved.

HYTORC Connect is free to download in the Microsoft Store


Technical data

Model Heigth(H) Width (W) Length (L) Diameter (D) RPM Snug Drive Weight min. torque max. torque
LST-0700 328 mm 89 mm 290 mm 66 mm 61 48 Nm ¾ 5,3 kg 203 949
LST-1200 328 mm 89 mm 297 mm 66 mm 40 81 Nm ¾ 5,4 kg 271 1627
LST-2000 335 mm 89 mm 353 mm 81 mm 17 136 Nm 1'' 7,5 kg 441 2712
LST-3000 338 mm 89 mm 366 mm 86 mm 11 203 Nm 1'' 8,0 kg 678 4068
LST-5000 422 mm 102 mm 391 mm 102 mm 7 271 Nm 1 ½ 10,2 kg 1085 6779
Model Heigth(H) Width (W) Length (L) Diameter (D) RPM Snug Drive Weight min. torque max. torque
LST-0700 12.90'' 3.50'' 11.40'' 2.6'' 61 35 ft-lbs ¾ 11.70 Lbs. 150 ft-lbs 700 ft-lbs
LST-1200 12.90'' 3.50'' 11.70'' 2.6'' 40 60 ft-lbs ¾ 12.00 Lbs. 200 ft-lbs 1200 ft-lbs
LST-2000 13.20'' 3.50'' 13.90'' 3,2'' 17 100 ft-lbs 1'' 16.60 Lbs. 325 ft-lbs 2000 ft-lbs
LST-3000 13.30'' 3.50'' 14.40'' 3.4'' 11 150 ft-lbs 1'' 17.70 Lbs. 500 ft-lbs 3000 ft-lbs
LST-5000 16.60'' 4.00'' 15.40'' 4'' 7 200 ft-lbs 1 ½ 22.40 Lbs. 800 ft-lbs 5000 ft-lbs

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