LION Gun – Electric torque wrench

HYTORC proudly presents the new HYTORC LION Gun: The LION Gun is the world’s first affordable precision bolting system with built-in data recording. Set your desired torque output on the LION Gun’s display and pull the trigger to get precise, repeatable torque without excessive noise or vibration. The LION Gun’s industrial-strength gear box is driven by a brushless motor connected to a non-impacting gearbox to deliver torque faster, smoother and more reliably than manual clicker wrenches, impact wrenches and other tightening tools.

Digital Display

The digital display makes it easy to set and read the desired torque output. The LION Gun is easy to operate and fully programmable. Achieving an accurate and repeatable bolt load has never been easier.

HYTORC LION gun battery

18V battery for unmatched portability

Through the use of aerospace-grade alloys, the LION Gun packs tremendous power without the weight. The 18-Volt lithium-ion battery provides long lasting operation with a quick recharge time to keep the job going. The perfect vibration-free alternative to noisy impact wrenches.

Data documentation

Built-in data recording capability allows the user to maintain a log of all completed bolting jobs. For improved quality control and accountability, the information can be saved to a PC or tablet to provide a permanent record of the work performed.


Technical data

Lion Gun dimensions
ModelHeight (H)Width (W)Length (L)Diameter (D)DriveWeightTorque Range
LION Gun .125278 mm88 mm284 mm70 mm½"3,1 kg33 - 170 Nm
LION Gun .25275 mm88 mm258 mm60 mm½"3,31 kg34 - 339 Nm
LION Gun .7275 mm88 mm274 mm60 mm¾"3,73 kg95 - 949 Nm
ModelHeight (H)Width (W)Length (L)Diameter (D)DriveWeightTorque Range
LION Gun .125 10.94"3.46"9.78"2.76"½"6.85 lb25 - 125 ft-lbs
LION Gun .2510.83"3.46"10.16"2.35"½"7.30 lb25 - 250 ft-lbs
LION Gun .710.83"3.46"10.80"2.38"¾"8.22 lb70 - 700 ft-lbs

User manuals

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