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LION Gun X – Battery powered torque wrench

HYTORC is proud to present the LION Gun X: the new powerful cordless torque wrench. The perfect balance between power, precision, portability and safety. The LION Gun X works wirelessly, low-noise and vibration-free, thus helping to prevent complaints such as HAVS and hearing damage. This makes the LION Gun X the smart alternative to traditional impact wrenches and bolt cutters.

Digitale display

The digital display makes torque output easy to set and read. Accurate work with angular torque has never been easier. The LION Gun X is one of the few cordless torque wrenches that is fully programmable. As a result, results are therefore not only unprecedentedly accurate, but also repeatable.

HYTORC LION X easy to use

36V battery for wireless convenience

The robust 36 Volt battery ensures extra long cordless, low-noise and vibration-free work. Partly for this reason, the LION Gun X is the ideal alternative to impact wrenches. A fast-acting charging station is of course included.

Data registration

All relevant data such as date, time, rotation angle and torque are stored and can be exported wirelessly to an Excel-friendly file. This makes it easy to provide a record of the work or create reports. This provides you with additional security when maintaining critical bolted joints and forms evidence in the event of any legal claims.


Technical data

Model Height (H) Width (W) Length (L) Diameter (D) Drive Weight Torque Range
LION Gun x 1000 300 mm 97 mm 302 mm 65 mm ¾" 4 kg 271 - 1356 Nm
LION Gun X 3000 305 mm 97 mm 376 mm 85 mm 1" 7 kg 678 - 4067 Nm
Model Height (H) Width (W) Length (L) Diameter (D) Drive Weight Torque Range
LION Gun x 1000 11.76'' 3.82'' 11.88'' 2.57'' ¾" 10 lb 200 - 1000 ft.lb
LION Gun X 3000 11.96'' mm 3.82'' 14.77'' 3.33'' 1" 15 lb 500 - 3000 ft.lb

User manuals

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