Hydraulic tensioners

Tentec CTST tensioner

CTST series – Standard topside tensioners

The CTST series of topside-tensioners is a reliable standard tensioner series with good value for money. The CTST can be used in pressure-containing applications, steel constructions and mechanical engineering. The series consists of six models for the bolt range M20 to M100, which is suitable for flanges according to the guidelines ANSI B16.5, ANSI B16.47 […]
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Tentec Airbac-serie

Airbac-series – Topside tensioners

The Airbac series of topside tensioners is a further development of the standard CTST pensioner series. The Airbac series has a unique ‘piston retract’ system which increases the simplicity and speed of work. The Airbac series can be used in pressure-containing applications, steel constructions and machine building. The series consists of six models for the […]
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Tentec WTB-series tensioner

WTB series – Wind Turbine Blade style tensioners

The WTB series has been specially developed for the wind industry. The demand is often for high preload forces in combination with little radial space. The WTB series is equipped with two pistons placed on top of each other, which means that it achieves high preload forces while its diameter is very small. Due to […]
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Tentec WTF tensioners

WTF Series – Wind Turbine Foundation Series

The Tentec Aero WTF series is designed for foundation bolts of wind turbines both metric and imperial up to 75,000 PSI and 150,000 PSI class.
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Tentec V-Series

V-Series – Compact Flange Bolt tensioners

SPO compact flanges are used worldwide in onshore, offshore and subsea industries and provide weight and space saving advantages over conventional flanges. Due to the compact size and high preload requirements, standard flanges will usually not fit. The V-series is specifically designed for compact flanges and offers a solution to these challenges. The range consists […]
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Compact-8 – The Subsea tensioner

The Compact-8 range is limited to a range of 8 models, capable of tensioning most of the range of SPO compact flanges. This range responds to the extra tight SPO compact flanges, where standard tensioners usually do not fit. The Compact-8 series is made of a high quality stainless steel alloy, which makes it suitable […]
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Hydraulic nut

Hydraulic nuts replace the existing 6-sided nut and provide an accurate and well distributed bolt load over the application. They are designed to be as compact as possible to fit as many applications as possible. Hydraulic nuts ensure the required preload in high load applications, while preventing loosening due to vibration and dynamic loading. Features […]
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HYTORC Nut mechanische tensioner

HYTORC Nut – Mechanical tensioner

Mechanical tensioning with the HYTORC nut offers all advantages of both torqueing and tensioning. Calibrated accuracy without galling or damaging flange surfaces. Also available for protruding threads.
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HYTORC Washer – no reaction arm needed

The unique patented system eliminates the need for reaction arms and other custom fixtures required to hold the tool in place. The HYTORC Washer is the simplest upgrade for instant improvements in safety, speed and accuracy.
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Electrically driven tensioning pump (1,500 bar)

HYTORC offers a wide range of tension pumps. One of the popular models is the Hy T15. The Hy T15 series tensioning pumps are state-of-the-art pumps specially designed for tensioning work. With its relatively small size and weight it is lighter than most tension pumps on the market. It has advanced options such as digital […]
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Hydraulic tensioning pump

Pneumatically driven tensioning pump (1,500 bar)

HYTORC offers a wide range of pneumatic or electrically driven tension pumps of 1,500 or 2,500 bar, for all tensioning applications. From hand-driven to advanced ‘smart’ electric pumps. Our pumps are manufactured from the highest quality materials and are safe, reliable and require little maintenance. Suitable for industrial use. High oil yield, so fast operation […]
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