Work safer, faster and more accurately with HYTORC's smart industrial solutions.


HYTORC Washer – no reaction arm needed

The unique patented system eliminates the need for reaction arms and other custom fixtures required to hold the tool in place. The HYTORC Washer is the simplest upgrade for instant improvements in safety, speed and accuracy.
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BoltClean inner and outer

BoltClean – thread cleaners

Save on nuts, bolts and studs by preparing them for reuse. Fast, clean and safe without wear and roughening.
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RFA – Reaction fixture

Safety, accuracy and speed are HYTORC's trade marks. The RFA reaction fixture is a perfect example of this: the two torque wrenches absorb each other's released forces. No finger entrapment and hardly any side load
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HYTORC Backup washer

Back-up Washer

The HYTORC Back-up Washer is the easiest way to keep the counter nut in place. It functions like a back-up wrench, but eliminates pinch hazards and time consuming operations that come along with a standard back-up wrench.
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HYTORC WTCT veiligheidsreactiearm

WTCT – Reaction fixture

The WT CUP TRAY (WTCT) is a reaction arm whereby support is provided through an adjustable reaction cup. Pinch hazards for the operator are eliminated. The accuracy of the bolt force achieved is increased when braced on a point further away.
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TPF – Reaction fixture

Safety, accuracy and speed are paramount at HYTORC. The TPF reaction arm, where support is provided through a standard socket placed on an adjacent bolt head, is the result thereof.
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HYTORC Grip-Tight Nut


Protect your commercial fleet from wheel installation related incidents with the new HYTORC GRIP-TIGHT Nut. The GRIP-TIGHT Nut is an instant upgrade for all heavy-duty […]
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The extension extends your socket wrench axially for pleasant work on deeper bolted connections. Compatible with the ICE, Avanti, jGUN and Lithium series.
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Transport and storage systems

Well-maintained tools not only last longer, but work reliably and safely. You can also come to us for the storage and transport of torque tools. […]
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HYTORC handmomentsleutel

Clicker Torque Wrench

The HYTORC Clicker Wrench is a simple and convenient tool for tightening nuts to specification in a wide range of bolting applications. This micro-adjustable torque wrench is available in various drive sizes and torque capacities.
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Flange spreaders

De flenzenspreiders zijn ontwikkeld om flenzen op een veilige manier te openen. De flenzenspreiders hebben minder bewegende delen. Hierdoor is het risico op vingerbeknelling beperkt.
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Screw flange spreaders

HYTORC screw flange spreaders are a practical and simple alternative to conventional methods. This solution fits, thanks to its handy size and weight, in every […]
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HYTORC Smeermiddelen


Get the most out of your tools with the full range of HYTORC lubrication. With use of the right lubrication, efficiency can be increased drastically.
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HYTORC Boltsafe

BoltSafe – measures bolt load accurately

For continuous and reliable bolt load measurements.
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HYTORC Hydraulische slangen

Hydraulic hoses and couplings

HYTORC Hydraulic hoses (thermoplast) meet the highest international standards, like prEN 13204, ISO 7751 and the American Jacking Specification.
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HYTORC moerdoppen


Everything in stock: hex sockets, excentric sockets, 12 pt. sockets and deepwell sockets.
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HYTORC Hydraulische tegenhoudsleutel

Hydraulic back-up wrench

Easy to remove without losing bolt load - interchangeable ratchet links from 30mm to 80mm.
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HYTORC tegenhoudsleutel

Mechanical back-up wrench

Work faster and without losing bolt load.
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HYTORC tensioners

Hydraulic tensioners

Wind turbines, flanges, refineries or other applications - we can always offer a tensioner that suits your needs.
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HYTORC Offset Link

Offset Link

The Offset Link allows for quick adaptation of your square drive tool to act as a ratchet link to easily fasten or remove nuts or bolts with limited height or deeply protruding threaded ends. The orange reaction arm is removable and can in this case be omitted.
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HYTORC Wheel gun

Wheel Gun – Reaction fixture

The Wheel Gun reaction fixture is designed for loosening and tightening wheel bolts.
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360° x 360° – Reaction arm

The 360x360 is our standard reaction fixture. Robust, safe and easy to adjust.
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This ingenious LoadDISC allows you to work hands-free, without a reaction arm or a backup wrench. Thereby increasing productivity and safety. Accuracy is also improved at the same time. Leaking joints are a thing of the past!
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