Transport and storage systems

Well-maintained tools not only last longer, but work reliably and safely. You can also come to us for the storage and transport of torque tools. Our solutions range from cases for torque wrenches and reaction arms to complete mobile warehouses.

Carrying case

Our carrying cases come standard with most tools. These extremely sturdy plastic cases are pressure-resistant, water and dustproof. These cases are available in various sizes and can be fitted with custom-made hard foam for a perfect fit of the tool.


Plastic transport case

Plastic storage boxes are ideal for storing complete sets. These robust storage boxes are water and dustproof, and pressure-resistant. All boxes are available in different sizes and can be fitted with castors.

Steel tool trolley

Our steel tool trolleys are easy to recognise thanks to their bright red powder coating. The lockable castors make it easy to move and lock the tool trolley. A top case can be placed on top of the trolley.

The outer dimensions are L 80 x W 50 x H 80 cm.

Mobile workstation

Everything at your fingertips with one mobile workstation. Modular construction, so fully adaptable.
The cabinet can be equipped with drawers or a door. The pump can be attached to the table, preventing it from falling off and preventing noise pollution caused by vibrations. Standard equipped with two self-reeling reels: a hydraulic hose reel of 9 meters and a 230V cable reel.

On-site tool containers

Our on-site tool containers are specifically designed for use on company premises. This makes these containers particularly suitable for use during turnarounds. This means that the right tool is always close to the workplace and delays and delays can be prevented. These containers are fully lockable, and therefore protected against theft. Due to the handy Europallet format, the containers are easy to transport.



artikel artikelnummer binnenmaten buitenmaten
hoogte breedte diepte hoogte breedte diepte
Draagkoffer Cases 034 RED 26 cm 38 cm 16 cm 33 cm 42 cm 19 cm
Cases 040 RED L 35 cm 48 cm 19 cm 43 cm 52 cm 22 cm
Transportkist kunsttof Cases 021 50 cm 50 cm 50 cm 54 cm 57 cm 57 cm
Cases 039 60 cm 60 cm 60 cm 64 cm 67 cm 67 cm
Gereedschapswagen staal Cases 006 64 cm 74 cm 49 cm 92 cm 76 cm 55 cm
Mobiel werkstation Cases 050 / Cases 051 62 cm 99 cm 60 cm 94 cm 120 cm 68 cm
On-site toolcontainer Cases 055 171 cm 125 cm 84 cm