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HYTORC is your preferred socket supplier, whether you are looking for 6 point sockets, 12 point sockets, hex sockets or stacking sockets. We usually have every common metric and imperial size in stock. Are you looking for a custom made socket? Our engineers are happy to design a socket for you that suits your needs. Of course, all our sockets are CE-certified.


Dual socket: enhanced safety and accuracy

The dual socket does not only function as a socket, but also eliminates the need for a reaction arm. The flower pattern in the outer socket uses the HYTORC Washer as the reaction point, while the inner socket turns the nut or bolt. With this unique system, Pinch hazards belong to the past. The dual socket is easy to use and only creates co-axial forces, so no more side load or other unwanted shear forces. The dual socket is safe, fast and accurate.


Stacking sockets and sleeves for ratchet links

Stacking sockets easily turn your ratchet link into a socket wrench, whereas sleeves are used to change the width across flats without having to buy a new ratchet link.