HYTORC Hydraulische tegenhoudsleutel

Hydraulic back-up wrench

Place the Back-Up Wrench on the counter nut, then tighten the nut with a torque wrench and remove the Back-Up Wrench easily and safely. Because the tension is released hydraulically no hammer or open-end spanner is needed. Work speed increases dramatically when compared to a standard back-up wrench, because it requires more time to put the wrench in position, to rotate it and then to try and dislodge it.

The hydraulic Back-Up Wrench is available with interchangeable ratchet links from 36 mm to 80 mm (max. 5,400 Nm).

Easy to release tension

Tension can easily be released by turning the lever, which can be operated without tools. Simple, safe and fast.

Backup wrench hydraulic hevel

Ergonomic handle

The hydraulic back-up wrench is fitted with an ergonomic handle to simplify fitting.

Wide range of interchangeable ratchet links helps you save weight

A range of interchangeable ratchet links can be used with the back-up wrench, from 36 mm to 80 mm (max. 5,400 Nm).

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