HYTORC Hydraulische slangen

Hydraulic hoses and couplings

HYTORC Hydraulic hoses (thermoplast) meet the highest international standards, like prEN 13204, ISO 7751 and the American Jacking Specification. Our hydraulic hoses are made of the latest generation Dupont KEVLAR-fibers with high-end steel wire for extra protection. The high flexibility, small bending radius of just 38mm and its low weight make them ideal for hydraulic tools.

Do you need a non-standard length? No worries, we can deliver any desired lenght within one business day.


Safety is our number one priority

Every hydraulic hose that leaves our facility is marked with its own unique serial number and therefore, every hose has got its own maintenance record. This guarantees you that your equipment has always been tested and approved.

Our hydraulic twin hoses:

  • Are suitable for working pressures up to 700 bar.
  • Have been tested up to 2.758 bar, which gives them a safety factor of 4:1.
  • Can be equipped with a wide variety of (safety) couplings.
Koppelingen hydraulische slangen

Clickfast: Ergonomic safety couplings

We offer a wide variety of couplings to assure that the hydraulic hose will always fit your tool and pump. Please check out our HYTORC safety couplings: simply click them on your tool or pump and you are ready to start your bolting job.


Technical data

Kleur Doorlaat Lengte
Oranje 4 mm 4 meter
Oranje 4 mm 8 meter
Geel 6 mm 5 meter
Geel 6 mm 6 meter
Geel 6 mm 9 meter