HYTORC tensioners

Hydraulic tensioners

Where Hytorc is the top specialist in torquing for years, Tentec is the top specialist in tensioning equipement. We distribute Tentec tools, so we can provide you with everything you may need when it comes to bolting. Some of the range available from Tentec:

CTST series:
This tensioner range consists of 6 basic tools that are suitable for bolt sizes from 3/4″ to 4″ or M16 to M100. An adapter kit allows you to adjust each basic tool for use on different bolt sizes. The tools are suitable for most ANSI B16.5 and API 6A flanges.

Subsea (Compact 8 series):
This tensioner series consists of 8 basic tools, which is a specifically developed range of bolt tensioning equipment designed for working underwater. Suitable for bolt sizes from 3/4″ to 4″ or M20 to M100 and Vector SPO Compact flanges.

Hydraulic tensioning tools designed for the complete installation and/or maintenance of different types of wind turbines. The tensioners can be adjusted to fit different bolt lengths and for use in areas with limited space. The tools work fast and they provide a safe, reliable and consistent method for simultaneously tensing several bolts.

Tentec Nut:
This hydraulic nut replaces the existing hex nut and it remains on the bolt connection. A tool is not necessary and only one pump is required to pressurise the nuts. Multiple nuts can be tightened simultaneously to provide a better joint.

Naturally, we also supply pumps and hoses with your tensioners.